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Amateur talent                                         
You want to see a picture of an amateur photographer? here it is
When he is professional Sartoretti Renaud, one wonders how the photos will be …


1 year already


It’s been a year since the tsunami in Japan increased and there is a lot of damage. For all the horrible personnnes who was there. Fear, which arenear the nuclear center of Fukushima. This will remain horrible foreveryone who was there.

Untouchables playlist                                                        
Playlist of the best music of the movie Untouchables is available at:

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We passed the 700 visitors to my blog. Continue together until 1000.




A forward                                                  
So that other people do not lose too much on the web, you can pass this video at the following address: Where to forward the address of the article:

But here’s the video not English :

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